Aeris's Flower Garden

Welcome to Aeris's Garden!

Once in a while I find little kawaii (cute) things on the net that want a home. This is the page! I love adopting these cute things. *Imma take good care of them and pet them and hug them....^__^* Well this is their little corner of the page. ^__^ Please say hi to them. *it makes them feel loved*. This is also a safe haven for the little kawaii characters that want to stay in the little garden. More and more will visit, please sit and enjoy while they play. ^___^

Celes, my adopted chocobo
I got my Chocobo from
Adopt a Cyber Chocobo!

The master of Galford and Shizumaru is

Want to adopt a samurai?

Meet Kei! She's come to visit along with her other friends Meet Eliza and Karen!

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